Soil and foliar nutrition

Organic fertilizers - viticulture
Organic fertilizers - for use in organic agriculture

Organic fertilizers adapted to your soil and plants requirements

Sopropêche offers you a wide range of organic fertilizers NPK that meet different types of cultures (viticulture, arboriculture, market gardening) for an optimum nutrition of soil and plants.

Our range of fertilizers are approved for use in organic agriculture and are compliant with EU regulation 834/2007 and 889/2008.

  • Vegetal cakes: Castor meal / Karanja / Neem / Mahua / Rapeseed
  • Seabird guano
  • Steamed and crushed hooves and horns
  • Potassium sulfate: Vegetal ashes/ Beet pulp
  • Nitrogen from animal origin: Dried blood meal/ Haemoglobin / Feather meal/ Meat meal
  • Nitrogen and trace elements from marine origin: Fish bone meal / Hydrolysed fish proteins
  • Amino acids
  • Manures: Nettle / Fern / Comfrey / Willow (infusion) / Horsetail (decoction)