Quality & Traceability

Customer satisfaction is the top priority of our team.

Its standards adhere to a rigorous selection of suppliers, with very strict specifications. As far as possible, we require from our suppliers the implementation of the HACCP system and GMP certification. We favour partners complying with MSC environmental framework, adhering to a sustainable fishing approach and guaranteing marine products traceability.

Sopropêche endeavors to perform regular audits on its suppliers and partners which insure quality, traceability and transparency along the supply chain.

Thanks to our international locations, raw materials are controlled all along the different steps, during and after processing, packing, before shipping and then at receipt to guarantee food safety of delivered products.

Environmental policy

Our activity of enhancing the value of coproducts is integrated in a responsible approach.
Sopropêche commits to better feed animals and to protect plants by saving natural ressources and preserving life and environment.

Social responsability

We focus on human as a key of success. Respect for human being and its well-being at work are part of our core values.
Our expertise over the years has enabled to build a strong and close relationship with our partners based on shared values of dialogue, diversity, transparency…